I’m so bad at updating.

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But I will try to be better in the future!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t even once forgotten about my blog!  I’ve just been super busy with school and various other real life things.  I plan on blogging more in the upcoming weeks/months and talking about whatever game I’m into at the moment.

I quit Tera Online, unfortunately.  It was a fun ride, but with the recent switch to F2P, I haven’t wanted to touch it.  They moved a few vital in-game store stuff to cash-shop only and… well, that just ain’t cool! I’m not paying my hard-earned cash just to get a chance to upgrade my gear so I can move on with content.  I’ll find myself a new game to call home until the next up-and-coming MMO comes out. If anyone’s got suggestions, I’m all ears.

I’ll also be posting more artwork.  I’m not sure if I should include my NSFW drawings anymore.  I might just make a separate blog on tumblr or something to post those to.  But who knows, I might just not give a crap and post all my sexy art here.

Loli’s in Bathing Suits

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Recently, Tera Online started a new world event that’s all about fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, they started the event towards the end of summer, which renders the point of the event almost moot.  But, we do get super cute bathing suits out of it!

Each race has a different bathing suit (obviously) and each is cute as hell.  However, Elins are special in that aspect as they get not just one type of bathing suit, but two.  And the extra one they get is pretty damn adorable.


Now, I’m not usually one to buy vanity items from the cash shops but this one was an exception.  It’s down-right adorable and no one can tell me otherwise.  My little archer elin now runs around owning face in her school bathing suit and it’s possibly the cutest PvP I’ve ever been a part of.

The other bathing suits are pretty cute too, some are just strings with triangles to cover up the super naughty bits (see high elf) but they’re all spiffy.

The only bad part about this whole event is that my whole party looks like a group of battle-hardened spring-breakers.  It’s hard to take those boss fights seriously when your tank is taking damage like a pro in a pair of Hawaiian-patterned swim shorts.

Can In-Game Scenery Really Be This Pretty?

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Why yes, yes it can.  Tera Online has set the bar extremely high with their beautiful scenery, beautiful characters, beautiful animation effects… basically, all around beautiful game.  It’s no wonder that some of the areas in this game had me in awe as I sat there on my lion mount, staring at some sparkly tree while the rest of my party was screaming at me in vent for heals.

Instead of describing to you how I let my party die time and time again, I’ll just show you that their deaths were well worth it for these screenshots.

Tera Online OB

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So I’ve been playing the Tera OB and I must say I adore the absolute shit out of this game.  Everything is beautiful, the classes seem well balanced, the races are extremely well-made, and the armors, oh god the armors.  I have TONS of screenshots I want to post over the next few days so while I get those in order, have a gif I made of my Elin priest dancing.

Om nom nom, link.

I Hate PS3

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I hate PS3.  Not because I’m some 360 fangirl or what have you, but because Sony makes it so hard to test with!  The 360 has a number of tools to help testers find, record, and accurately place bugs.  To record on a 360, all we have to do is utilize the easy-to-use programs specifically made for recording for the 360.  To record for the PS3? HAH. We have to use an old DVR with old, worn out DVDs that may or may not work because the company can’t afford hundreds of new DVDs every month simply because the testers do not handle anything with even a shred of care. There is, however, one program that allows a user to capture a single screenshot of a PS3 screen from the computer.  Alas, every project I’ve ever been on has been unsuccessful in using it.  They claim “This is the only project that can’t get TargetManager to work right!”  Oh how wrong they are.  PS3 is, simply put, a pain in the ass to work with.

There is also the undeniable fact that for every bug you find on the 360, you find two on the PS3.  For every crash the 360 gets, the PS3 has 4 or 5.   Every PS3 build we ever get is full of holes, crashes, and graphical errors.   It’s terrible!


I’ll post a new painting later this weekend, hopefully.


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After thinking about it for a few seconds, I decided I should just post a WIP now instead of later cause I’ll probably forget.

It's Link!

Om nom nom.

This is the first time I’ve really done fanart of a game, aside from SWTOR.

Which I quit, by the way.  But more on that later.

ME3 Comes Out Soon!

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That’s super exciting!  I know lots of people who are really looking forward to this game.  If I had a bigger following I’d hold a little giveaway for a PC copy of ME3, but meh!  Maybe later on in life.

I’ve been working on a new painting.  It’s for a contest at work!  I’m totally going to win. :I

I’ll show WIPs later today or tomorrow.  It’s coming along really nicely!

… k, that’s all I have to say for now.

Since it’s officially announced..

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I can talk about Medal of Honor: Warfighter!  Unfortunately, I can’t give out any details, hahaha.  I was watching a few testers play around with it and, while buggy, it looks fun!  I hope I can be put on that project after SSX DLC ends.

Also, I know I haven’t been posting much artwork.  Actually, I’ve only posted one picture so far on this blog.  But I promise I will rectify that soon!  It’s been a busy few weeks and drawing isn’t exactly high on my priority list at the moment..

Got my new project assignment..

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It’s SSX DLC.   I don’t like snowboarding games..

The good part is I can’t imagine DLC testing taking that long since we can only bug the DLC.  We can’t bug anything that has to do with the base game, like player functionality or general gameplay issues.  I imagine most of what I’ll be bugging is defective rendering, floating trees, and area where the user is likely to get stuck.  I’ve already found several spots where the user gets stuck quite easily in just the base runs.

I’m starting to dislike my job..

The only thing I like is that everyone on my team is pretty cool.  They aren’t as two-faced as my other team for Tiger was.

Oh well.  I’ll only be on this project for a couple of months!  And then it’s on to the next adventure~

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I think I get to change projects tomorrow.  I’m excited because I’m tired of my team.  They smile at me and say I’m doing a good job in my area but then tell the floor lead other things.  I wish they weren’t so two-faced, but what can I do?  The next team I’ll be on will be nicer because I’m going to one of two places:  NCAA or MoH.  And I know both teams are nice.  I go to lunch with some of the NCAA team sometimes.  I’m so tired of being treated like shit by my team.  It’s like they target me sometimes.  But enough whining, I’m excited to be leaving soon. :>

I’ve been working late recently, upwards of 13 hours a day for the past two work days!  I slept until noon on Saturday just catching up on sleep.

More good news is I’m going to (eventually) purchase a Silhouette Cameo and start up my own small business of selling whateverthefuck I want. :|

So tired…